• The BonusLink x PrestoMall Gifts Catalogue is open to all BonusLink Members residing in Malaysia and are above 18 years of age ("Eligible Participants").
  • BonusLink Members can redeem a wide range of special gifts with a minimum of 100 BonusLink Points (equivalent to RM1.00).
  • BonusLink Members are required to have a minimum of 100 BonusLink Points to make a redemption on PrestoMall's site and only a subsequent of 101, 102, 103… BonusLink Points or more can be made accordingly.
  • BonusLink redemptions are applicable for top recommended products at the dedicated campaign page (https://promotion.prestomall.com/bonuslink-gift-catalogue/fresh-frozen) starting 1st March 2021.
  • All products featured on the campaign page will change from time to time and are on first come first served basis only. Women and Men Fashion categories are excluded from the redemption campaign.
  • Within PrestoMall, BonusLink Points are considered a mode of payment, just like cash. Purchases can be made in full or partial Points and the remaining balance can be topped up with cash during checkout.
  • If a Member decides to request for a refund on a purchase made with BonusLink Points, the amount of BonusLink Points redeemed shall be reinstated as PrestoMall credits into the Member's PrestoMall's account.
  • Only BonusLink Members with a valid PIN may redeem. Redemption up to 3 times per Card Number per day is permitted.
  • BonusLink and PrestoMall reserves the right to discontinue the promotion, as well as to amend any of the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • Any queries relating to the products or services subsequent to the purchase shall be made directly to the PrestoMall. BonusLink is not responsible for the actual products or services purchased by BonusLink Members.
  • BonusLink and PrestoMall reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions, with or without prior notice. The continued use of the platform shall constitute and be deemed to be your acceptance of the modification and your consent to abide by any terms thereof.
  • Other BonusLink Terms and Conditions applies. Click here for more information.
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